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17:21 Mon 5 Apr 2004

Sharing ? Hogging !

Filed under: Tech — 17:21 Mon 5 Apr 04

It’s half term, and D. wants to listen to music on her computer. Thing is, most of the music is one mine. But she’s networked in, so all I need to do is share it, yes ?
Now I don’t know if it’s because the music is on my D: drive, but I drag the folder to my Shared Folder, and sit here watching it copy every single byte. WHY ?
Is it totally beyond the wit of a software designer (do M$ actually employ them ?) to simply tag a folder and have a folder contain just shared paths ? It’s ridiculous that I may have 10gig of music on D:, but in order to share it, that same 10gig has to be copied to C:

It’s bad enough that Sonic Stage has to do this with it’s ATRAC encoding – and why the hell can they do do encoding ‘on the fly’ ?

So in theory, I could have an album on my D: drive, the same album in my Shared, and the same album in ATRAC. How bloody stupid is that ?
(Yes, I know I could simply move all my music to Shared, but that cannot be moved from my C: drive, and my D: is for data storage, not C: )

Anyway .. it’s done now … the Forgotten Tower (Sorc lvl 11, Lightning only) await :)


  1. download iTunes from Apple, it’ll allow you to share music libraries without any config hassle.

    Comment by Claire — 19:56 Mon 5 Apr 2004 @ 19:56 Mon 5 Apr 04

  2. you can share any folder across your network, it doesnt necessarily have to be the “my shared files” folder. Just right click the folder on your D drive with all your music in, select “sharing and security” and tick the “share this folder on the network” box.

    Comment by -slh- — 20:52 Mon 5 Apr 2004 @ 20:52 Mon 5 Apr 04

  3. Cheers Steve!
    Looking at other files, that’s how I’ve done in in the past …. no idea why it didn’t occur to me today though!

    Comment by Mark — 21:12 Mon 5 Apr 2004 @ 21:12 Mon 5 Apr 04

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