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11:31 Sun 22 Feb 2004


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So, having installed several new programs, why not a browser ?
So far, it’s working fine. No extension problems, and I’ve just got to get used to certain program idiosyncrasies, but I’ll give it a week of solid use before I decide which one to make my default. (Though I had to uninstall Avant to loosen it’s grip on certain file associations).

Hopefully a WP install I’ve just done for someone will turn out good (no reason why it should not) and then I can explore issues with a firewall and ftp that I’m having.

And how is this for sickening .. SSX3. Kick Doubt. Scored 772,000, but only got silver as Psymon got 777,000. Gold is meant to be 750,000. Went to have another go, and Psymon only got 758,000, but I screwed up. How annoying is that ? (Oh, and it was PS2. On xbox I would have scored about 10 – manky buttons)


  1. you gotten fed up with avant?

    been using it a while now with no problems…like a few of its add-ons compared to IE

    Comment by dino — 12:32 Sun 22 Feb 2004 @ 12:32 Sun 22 Feb 04

  2. oh and there’s a problem with the latest link on your other page…must be dyslexia kicking in….but i got there in the end :cool:

    Comment by dino — 12:34 Sun 22 Feb 2004 @ 12:34 Sun 22 Feb 04

  3. Thanks Dino – tis fixed now :)

    Steve .. I’ll check them out, thanks !

    Comment by Mark — 13:48 Sun 22 Feb 2004 @ 13:48 Sun 22 Feb 04

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