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19:52 Tue 3 Feb 2004


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I’m using a comment-spam hack which is still in testing.
As a result, some comments (sorry Dino !) may not appear straight away, but will sit awaiting approval from me. As it is, some comment content is automatically disposed of after being filtered through the code, some goes straight through, and some … gets shunted my way.

The Orange style is growing on me though…. (see an entry below somewhere).

After fiddling around with the underlining code, I played some more with CSS, and it’s SO easy to get boxes, plonk them wherever, align this and that – so much so I’ll pick on one of the html pages I have here and see if I can convert is to an XHTML / CSS validated page which looks slightly unusual.
(I must do a generic comments CSS too..)

I must remember to eat…….


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