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21:35 Wed 14 Nov 2018

Classic is back

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Found an archive of my old tamba2 site, and in that archive was this – one of the first themes to ship with WordPress.

9 files in the entire theme.

It’ll do :)

18:22 Tue 13 Nov 2018

Twentynineteen – infuriating

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I just updated the site to WordPress 5.0 beta and installed the Twentynineteen theme. It’s been a while since I changed the theme here and it’s meant to work well with Gutenberg so why not.

I activated it, took a look at my site, swore a lot and went back to Penscratch. This version of Penscratch has been edited which is why I can’t be arsed to update it. Twentynineteen needs the same edit and as it’s not yet finalised I can’t be arsed to look through the code.

The problem?

This site has one user. Me. So why the FUCK is my name plastered against every fucking post? This has annoyed the crap out of me for years.
Could theme creators write code to stop this on single user sites? Yes, yes they could. But do they? Do they hell.

Could I hide it with CSS? Yes, but why should I have to take action for what a theme author should be offering by default?
Could I edit the final theme and remove it? Yes and I will, and I’ll post here to tell others how to do what a theme author should have done.
Could I post this as an issue to Github? Yes, but I can’t be arsed. This is not the first time I’ve been pissed off by this, I’ve expressed my views to theme creators before and I just cannot be bothered to do it again.

16:57 Fri 9 Nov 2018

BBC again

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First line of the article:

There has been a remarkable global decline in the number of children women are having, say researchers. BBC

Why not say “There has been a remarkable global decline in the number of babies being born, say researchers.” or would that upset some super fragile snowflake somewhere?

13:21 Mon 24 Sep 2018

and The Guardian fucks up again.

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Google at 20

To this day, the Google homepage remains clean and sparse, offering nothing more than a logo, search field, and two buttons.

The author of this piece has very very obviously not actually looked at the Google homepage in years.

Want the history? Read this: What comes next in this series? 13, 33, 53, 61, 37, 28…

What with this junk and Craig Murray’s latest post The Guardian is seriously going wrong.

15:38 Mon 17 Sep 2018

Google Funding Choices

Filed under: Google — 15:38 Mon 17 Sep 18

With Funding Choices you can automatically identify ad blocking visitors and ask them to disable their ad blocker especially for your site — or give them an alternative way to fund your content via Contributor.

Yeah right.

I’ll block what the hell I want – it’s my connection, not yours.

I’ll be polite – get lost.

17:07 Fri 24 Aug 2018

A sealed box

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The 500 million arrived.
Now I’ve got to decide what to do with it..

15:26 Wed 22 Aug 2018

500 Million on the way

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18:06 Mon 20 Aug 2018

So this video might no longer apply? .. hmmmm

Filed under: Religion — 18:06 Mon 20 Aug 18

Pope Francis has condemned the “atrocities” of child sex abuse and clerical cover-ups in a letter to the world’s 1.2bn Roman Catholics.

Colour me doubtful.

This does still apply:

19:14 Sun 19 Aug 2018

Jeff Bezos. FUCK YOU.

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Amazon customer since 2005.
Prime member for over a decade.

Yet you – yes YOU – you reap the rewards so you get the fucking blame – decide to randomly delete tracks from my disabled wife’s playlists. I have to recreate.

Top tip Jeff – when you can’t fucking move at all shit matters.

And when I try to create them again? Alexa says NO.

Alexa, play Don’t You Want Me by the Human League

OK… track plays

Alexa what is playing?

I get told full information

Alexa add this to my playlist

“I do not know what is playing”



Get a fucking grip and don’t fuck with people.

Not a hard request.

16:12 Thu 9 Aug 2018

0113 029 9330

Filed under: Spam — 16:12 Thu 9 Aug 18

I thought my phone was set to be silent from 10pm – 6am unless I had starred the contact. There are exactly 3 such stars – my girls and my dad. That’s it.

1am, fast asleep, the phone rings. Jarred from sleep, answer and get some slithering, scabby knuckled, low foreheaded, drooling fuckwit who wants to know about my “accident”.

I don’t think I’ve said “Fuck Off” with such venom in a long long time.

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