Migraine on repeat

Now entered the 3rd consecutive week of the same migraine and it’s getting very tiresome and very wearing. I’m used to constant headaches – diagnosed with chronic daily migraines earlier this year after tests – but I’m not used to prodrome / postdrome (the migraine hangover) sensations constantly. For reasons I know not I’m just not moving out of it. I have no idea at all what to do.

In other news…

NSA? Why not Google?

I use Adblock, Ghostery and Privacy Badger.
I went to login to my Indie Gala account and they threw one of the new Google Captcha things at me.
It was blocked by the EFF’s Privacy Badger. I had to allow the tracking to be allowed to access products I had bought.
Because the stupid damn captcha was so distorted I kept getting it wrong. In the end it asked me to copy and paste code:
Fucking Google

They are using the new captcha. The one that is friendly to humans. Yeah, right.

Someone reverse engineered their new code, posted it to Github and posted it to Hacker News. Google asked them to take it down. They complied. Screw Google – as I had a Github account I copied it.
This isn’t just a captcha. It tracks. From the HN thread:

Google servers will receive and process, at least, the following information:

Screen resolution
Execution time, timezone
Number of click/keyboard/touch actions in the iframe of the captcha
It tests the behavior of many browser-specific functions and CSS rules
It checks the rendering of canvas elements
Likely cookies server-side (it’s executed on the www.google.com domain)
And likely other stuff…

Fuck Google.
I hate spam. I hate spammers. But I despise Google even more.

So when the NSA or GCHQ comes up in the news, just remember that Google does more and with less oversight.

One week

One week ago I lost Storm. For the first time in 9 years there was no dog in the house.
No reason to go downstairs on waking.
No reason to take a break mid-morning to go walk.
No reason to take an afternoon break for a longer walk.

I remember that in 2007 I was at the second Automattic meetup (at Stinson Beach) and I’d done a certain amount of work and said that if I was at home I’d take the dog – then just Winston – for a walk. Matt said we should take a walk along the beach which we did. We chatted about Akismet.

Every day I have had a reason to get up and go for a walk. Peace. Quiet. Slow. Thinking time.

I felt okay just sauntering along with the dogs – or just a dog – through the village. But doing the same without them? It feels strange. Not just that they are not there but as others perceive me. In the dusk/darkness a guy with a dog means people pass closer than if you are just a guy wandering along.

Years ago as I was crossing a bridge with Winston I met a guy who stopped, fussed Winston and stood and chatted. He explained that for years he had walked his dog this route and he’d just lost his dog. But he couldn’t stop that walking. It was habit. It was comforting. I know that now. I wish I did not.

A walk

We went for a walk tonight. The fog was pretty thick, visibility was lampost to lampost but hey, we’d done this for years. I held Storm’s collar as I walked, talked to him as we passed the places he would always stop and praised him when a car went past with too much noise. And I cried.
I miss him.
Had a dog? You know what I mean.
Not had one? You don’t know.


The last thing he felt was me hugging him.
The last thing he heard was me telling him I loved him.