Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren has told how she was ‘insulted’ not to have been a victim of the iCloud hacking which saw 101 female celebrities have their nude and explicit photos leaked online.

Having seen the images – work, honest! – this beats them all anyway.



Apparently it is Migraine Awareness Week. Mine – I have Chronic Daily Migraines – have been under control for some time. I’m not pain-free but it’s at a level I have become used to and unless I get pain + nausea at the same time I can function normally.

They are back though for reasons I know not. I lost all of last weekend to 2 days of solid pain, nausea, dizziness. No meds helped (by that I mean Zolmitriptan + Tramadol + Paracetamol + Ibuprofen) so I just had to wait until it passed.
Then one day last week I felt it coming on, the triptan didn’t work (I must have mis-timed it) so I spent an afternoon lying very very still.
And then this weekend the pain and nausea are back. Was okay yesterday from about 4pm but woke in the early hours this morning with an epic pain, worst in quite some time. No meds have helped. It’s lessened enough now to a manageable level though blurred vision and nausea aren’t so great.

Nothing in the diet has changed, sleep pattern has been good, fluids are normal, amount of exercise is normal. Could be a stress but there’s nothing new there either. Odd. And very painful.

FFS Google again

I just posted a Youtube video to a different blog and because I wasn’t happy with the size of the video I went back to check the options. I see this:

Enable privacy-enhanced mode

So I click the linked ?

Enabling this option means that YouTube won’t store information about visitors on your web page unless they play the video.

What the fuck?
So for regular people, even if they do NOT play the video Google will still set cookies and swallow forever every bit of information they can get?

Google are part of the internet’s problem.

Missing the vote

If there is a General Election I stay up all night watching the news channels as the results roll in. If there is a swathe of local elections I’ll do the same. Politics is important stuff. And now I realise that the single most important vote here in the UK in my voting lifetime will take place when I am in the USA.

I can’t vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum and it’s not my place to say which result I would prefer but it will be a fascinating spectacle on TV and I will not be able to watch. Damn damn damn. Not like I can ask the wife to record it either is it?