5 years later..

In March 2009 I posted a list of the DVDs I had. Matt asked me for my Top 5.
I replied:

Top 4:
Leon – The Professional (USA) (This is the Directors Cut)
Lord Of War
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2 Disc Special Edition)

These are the next and depend on mood. They are all excellent.
A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints
Independence Day
Once Upon a Time in America
Pulp Fiction
The Family Man
The Lord of the Rings (All)
The Shawshank Redemption
True Romance

Ask me in a year – the bottom list will have changed but I would be very surprised if the top ones had.


Leon remains #1
I would remove ‘A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints’.
What would I add?
To the top 4 (and so making a Top 5)? ‘It Could Happen To You’
The rest remain the same.

No Rice in my box

Condoleezza Rice, former United States Secretary of State and National Security Advisor has joined the board of cloud file storage and syncing firm Dropbox.

Right now I am downloading everything I have stored on Dropbox – not a whole lot, about 8.3gb – and I’ll leave the account empty. Well, as empty as it can get. Pointless thinking that they will erase every trace and pointless even contemplating deleting my account as they will keep my info forever anyway.

But no way in hell can I support ANY company that allows that person on their Board. Not because she is female but because of what she has done.

I have an account at SpiderOak. They do know what privacy means.

Cats and Cash

Some twenty years ago we had two cats. One was all black save for a few white hairs on her neck, the other was black and white. One day the black/white cat had an accident and shattered it’s right front leg. It had to be amputated. It happened just before xmas and cost a bit. Sadly those two cats have since died.
When our eldest got her own place she got two kittens. One was black save for a few white hairs on his neck, the other was black and white. Very late last night the black/white cat appeared with a damaged right front leg. It has to be amputated. It’s not xmas but wow have costs gone up…


I try not to comment on J’s MS but sometimes it needs to be written down so we both don’t forget, so there is a record.

Today is the first day that we had to use the wheelchair in the house.
Today is the first that that had there not been two of us (myself and my eldest) that J would not have been able to get out of bed or back to bed.

We have asked for support repeatedly and got none.
There is no NHS in Leicestershire.

We just have stress and tears.

Domains for sale


Listed at namebox.io, registered at Namecheap and that’s where any sale will go through. Also listed on the Namecheap marketplace are aphotoblog.com .net .org

tamba2.org.uk has a good history but if it can attract a good price it can go.

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That’s my emphasis but why is it?

Quitting Kiva lending

According to my Kiva Lender page I signed up at Kiva in 2006. I don’t know when i actually started paying attention more but as of today I have made a fair number of loans.
It’s not spectacular but it’s been a steady rotation of money lent back out as it was repaid. Recently though I’ve been thinking more about the interest that people are having to pay on what I lend.

I did know that my Kiva lending was funding loans already made. I was okay with that even though this fact is less than clear on their site. What I was less clear about and was becoming more concerned with was the interest that people were having to pay. I couldn’t find that information. It was also concerning to me that I was seeing more loans for items that did not generate a profit – lending $25 to someone who will buy fishing gear to then sell more fish means they should be able to repay it. But a home improvement? Can they really afford the loan? What interest will they pay? While I accept the risk of default what happens to the person from the Kiva Lending Partner? Are they threatened? Doorstepped? Added to some Debtor list for evermore? I could not find out.

It was also bugging me that when you checkout Kiva automatically add their “cut” and you have to edit that to zero. How you did that changed a few times. They really pushed their “cut” at you I thought.

I just read this post: The Kiva Fairytale: It’s a microlending superstar – but who is it really serving? and found it unsettling. The financial aspects as I read pushed me very close to the “Okay, time to stop lending” line. And then I read about a connection between Kiva and Opus Dei. I find that horrendous. Even if all the financial matters were clear and up front that connection really does mean I have made my last ever Kiva loan.