More MS incompetence

I made a complaint online about the MS care we are not getting.
I made this complaint at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust website as that is the place that employs these (alleged) MS Nurses.
I just got a phone call. That trust had said “Nothing to do with us” and passed it on to another NHS Trust in Leicester. I gave names and details to the lady who called and she said Yes, I had made the complaint in the right place and that the UHL Trust had got it wrong. She will pass it back and tell them that they need to deal with this.

Clueless. And in charge of the UHL Trust? This bunch. They must be so proud.

Chairman & Chief Executive

John Adler – Chief Executive John Adler
Karamjit Singh (Chairman) Karamjit Singh CBE

Non Executive Directors

Colonel (retired) Ian Crowe
Prakash Panchal
Jane Wilson
Prof. David Wynford thomas
Sarah Dauncey
Martin Traynor OBE

Executive Board Directors

Dr Kevin Harris
Richard Mitchell – Chief Operating Officer
Rachel Overfield – Chief Nurse


Moira Durbridge
Kate Bradley
Nigel Brunskill – Director of Research and Development
Sharron Hotson
Carole Ribbins
Stephen Ward
Kate Shields – Director of Strategy
Mark Wightman

– And just as I post this I get another call from the UHL saying the email sent to that other Trust was an error, it is being investigated and that this is all logged in the system. That a computer is involved is meant to make me feel better? …… ffs

Apple problem? No, must be me.

My iTunes library recently passed 250gb and since then every.single.time I have started iTunes it grabs several hundred files and does some Gapless garbage on them. I have searched. I have deleted files. I have re-added one-by-one but it does it every.single.time. Expecting nothing I looked in the Apple “Support” forums and it’s my fault. Yep. Can’t be the Apple code. Oh no. It must be me. Well fuck that.

All music removed from iTunes, now using Clementine.

All movies removed from iTunes, now using Usher.

Apple could do themselves a big favour by lining up there ass-licking fanbois, shooting them and then admitting that maybe, just maybe, their software had bugs.

Hey Mark, you seem a little angry these days, wassup? If I thought it would help to say then I would. It won’t.

Your Google cookie in Firefox


If you do not want that google cookie, go to Prefs > Security and UNcheck the 3 top boxes about warn and block.

That Google do not let an independent site use this information is bad form, but hey, what else to expect from the advertising company?

*Note: This cookie appears every time you start Firefox regardless of if you even visit the ad company. Google wants you to have it and as Google pay the Mozilla wages… you get it.

Fuck Google

Use the Roku, go to the Youtube channel to find a video.
Find it.
Get an unskippable fucking advert for some retarded shite that has nothing whatsoever to do with the fucking music.

Fuck you Google.

I will rejoice the day the internet continues onward after you die.


Sooner is better.