More Storm


Storm has a very enlarged heart. The valves are all damaged. He is in heart failure. There is no cure. He has been prescribed medication.
In 3-4 months he has gone from a bouncy energetic beast to a dog way older than he should be. He’s only 3. He should be running around fields, enjoying long walks. But he is not interested in food and has lost so much weight. I don’t know what else to say.

Storm is ill


A few weeks ago he fell ill and we took him to the vet. They diagnosed pancreatitis and kept him at the surgery..  While there he was diagnosed with Canine DIC which can kill. They fixed him. But he stayed unwell, head down, losing weight – just not the bouncy dog he had been.  I took him back to the vet a couple of days ago. His heart is all over the place – atrial fibrillation. Tomorrow he goes to a specialist place in Coventry. I really hope they can help.

No MS care in Leicestershire

My complaint to University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust resulted in an MS Nurse visiting us last week.

Here is how I imagined MS Nursing would work:
The MS Nurse would be the central point of contact. They would have deep knowledge of the person’s diagnosis and current condition. They would be the person to contact other services – GP, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Services, District Nurses to name a few – and would furnish those services with not just a request for help but the ‘why’ along with other relevant information. The MS Nurse would be there to provide Support for the person with MS and to identify Support needs and refer as needed for other family members.

This is how MS Nursing in Leicester actually works:
“Let us know what happens”.
That’s it.
They cannot refer people. The political ‘why’ of that doesn’t matter. Well it does but for practical purposes it does not.
So it makes the MS Nurse role pointless.

Am I thinking the MS Nurse should do too much? No. I base what I think on my own nursing career (1985-2002) and my wife’s (1986-2003). What we expected is what really should be delivered but no, not happening.

The MS Nurse offered no practical help at all. Why? I really have no idea. Their next visit? November 2015.

Me? I have written off the MS Nurses totally.

There is no care for people with Multiple Sclerosis in Leicester / Leicestershire.

Deluded like Ed.

“Ed Miliband “absolutely” sees a prime minister when he looks in the mirror in the morning, he says.” BBC

Yeah, and I see a ripped, totally sane guy with chiselled looks when I look in the mirror.

Difference is if I told the world they’d say I was a nutter.